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A chemistry question

  1. May 16, 2009 #1
    Chlorine can be generated by heating together calcium hyperchlorite and hydrochloric acid. Calcium chloride and water are also formed.

    a) If 50.0g of Ca(OCl)2 and 275mL of 6.00M HCL are allowed to react, how many grams of chlorine gas will form?

    b) Which reactant will be in excess and what is its mass?

    The attempt at a solution

    Ca(ClO)2 + 4 HCl → CaCl2 + 2 H2O + 2 Cl2 is this a redox equation ? i don't know how to proceed. Any help would be would be appreciated ...
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    Yes, this is redox - buit it doesn't matter. It is a (relatively) simple limiting reagent problem.

    You have a correct reaction equation, calculate how many moles of both reactants you have. Which one is in excess?
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    i guess Ca(OCl)2 0.35 moles and 1.4 moles hcl is this right ?
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    Nothing to guess here, just calculate. One of your numbers is wrong.
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