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A club of measurement

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Hello everyone,

The students of our college wants to start a club for measurement. We were thinking that our college should give more opportunities for our students to be creative with the methods of physics and so, the idea of this club arose. We will take contact with one of our donators, but before that, I think it's good to be prepared. Is there anyone who has good ideas or experiences of a club for measument? What kind of stuff is relevant for our purposes? The idea of our club is to do measurement equipments and experiences out of students' own interests.

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Thanks, yeah, I mean it. :)
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Andy Resnick
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I don't know what country you are in, but there are several several metrology organizations:


for example. What sort of measurements is your club interested in?
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A random recent NYT article of interest: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/13/world/europe/13kilogram.html" [Broken]

This has been in the news for a while though; a few earlier articles: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/09/opinion/09wed4.html" [Broken].
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Thank you for the link, Andy. It might become useful.
We have talked with professours and it seems that there's no room for our club in physics department. So now we are trying to get contact with engineers students and ask them if they are interested in sharing a room with us.

I am from Finland and we would like to just build our own measurement equipments and test other physical effects out of our own interest. We still don't have any specific field that we are interested to do but I am sure that electromagnetism and optics will be two hot candidates in our list. Our university has NMR, ELSP, biophysics and geophysics labs, and also, astrology department, but all the labs are behind locks and we don't have a place where we can "play" with physics.
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And, also, thank you physics girl for sharing that news. I guess we had a discussion of the topic in one course. :)

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