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Homework Help: A Combinatorics Problem

  1. Apr 19, 2012 #1
    Ques:A boat is to be manned by eight men, of whom 2 can only row on bow side and 1 can only row on stroke side,in how ways can the crew be arranged?

    Basic formulae of combinatorics(Permutations and combinations)

    Well I do not have good knowledge of boats, but I used the following figure in this problem.
    1 will always be on stroke side,
    Number of ways in which 2 people can be arranged in bow sides:2
    The remaining 5 can be divided into groups of (5,0)(0,5),(4,1)(1,4),(3,2)(2,3) to row on each side,
    Total ways are:

    Multiplying all I get=480 way off the answer given in the book which 5760.
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