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    I have to comment on this. You have a guy that is angry about his threads being locked (and i'm sure you can empathize with this, we're not animals) and what do you do? You lock his thread. Now are you expecting to win the person over and have them settle down to become productive part of the community by doing this? If you could at least message the person who is obviously angry and have a down to earth settling of things, instead of doing something which will obviously drive them away?
    People here have feelings, no one enjoys being treated in this way, and then of course people like me have to risk the same treatment and try to bring some sense into the community or watch as this thing happens which to me is not an option and you'll be happy to know that i'd do the same for you if you were in such a situation.
    I think there's more important things than being right. Perhaps we are taking this online forum too seriously, after all we'll all leave and have to deal with eachother ouside, so it's a good idea to practice good sense in here.
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    You are making inaccurate assumptions. We don't discuss other member's situations here.
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    Are you referring to the thread posted by dgoodpasture2005? If you are, read the guidelines you've agreed to and you'll understand how and why we do the things we do. :smile: As evo has stated this is a personal issue with a member, if you'd like to discuss this further you can PM a staff member.
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