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A A Conceptual Propulsion Drive

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    The following is not meant to be a practical concept, but rather a theoretical one.
    Please let me know if the physics makes any sense or not, and thank you in advance.

    Spaceship X consists of 2 separate parts
    • The front Part B consists of a thick shelled Ferromagnetic spheroid
      • Part A has a strong Superconducting magnet at its core that can be used to actively prevent the shell from disintegrating due to centrifugal forces

    • The back Part A is the passenger and control part
      • Part B has a virtually (as opposed to actually) unlimited source of energy at its disposal which resides outside the spaceship and does thus, not increase its mass. An example of such an energy source would be a high energy laser beam shone to it for its use and from far away

    • Spaceship X operates by transferring large amounts of energy from Part A to Part B some distance ahead of It, by means of electromagnetic energy transfer at the speed of light
      • This transferred energy is in part used to power the superconducting magnet and the rest is used to make the spheroid spin at relativistic speeds
        • This increases the mass of Part B significantly
        • This increased mass, pulls Part A towards it at very high acceleration and at relativistic velocities
        • Part A free-falls towards Part B and experiences no G-forces

      • Just before Part A reaches Part B, Part B dissipates its acquired energy into the space around and away from Part A and propels forward
      • The energizing cycle is repeated indefinitely providing propulsion for Spaceship X

    • Spaceship X accelerates to relativistic velocities
    • Passengers experience no significant G-forces
    • Relativistic Spacial Contraction contributes to reduced distance required to reach the destination

    I have already posted this topic on the CosmoQuest board:

    Thank you for any comments.
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