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News A conspiracy theory, just for fun

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Something occurred to me tonight as I watched the latest on the Iraq situation. I am just passing this on as some wild speculation that seems to make a bit of sense.

    Going into the war, I was extremely concerned that we had been duped. To me, Powell's presentation to the UN had all the earmarks of being based on shoddy or even misleading evidence. Also, consider the now infamous aluminum tubes documents. What a fiasco! What an embarrassment. But was this an accident? No, the documents were forged. I kept wondering why? I wondered, if any of the other circumstantial evidence was bogus, which now we know much it was, why fake it?

    Somehow, somebody eventually had to do something about Saddam. Might we have been tricked so that we would break it and then own it - the pottery rule? Thanks to our recent approach to international diplomacy, or the lack of it, we are going to be stuck with this financial black hole for a very long time.

    One thing is for sure: Bush did the charging, and now we are going to pay and pay and pay. Could this be exactly what was intended? Our actions benefit our enemies and half of the Middle East, and therefore lots of other folks, mostly at our expense.
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    Why? Because there is a market for it, newspapers and intelligence services are willing to pay for whatever their readers/political masters are willing to hear? In the same fashion, a number of papers, not all, used forged papers alleging British MP George Galloway received oil money from Saddam, and it wouldn't surprise me it the papers about the UN food for oil scandal are fakes too.
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