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Homework Help: A Corner Reflector Problem

  1. Mar 2, 2005 #1

    Well can u help me in this problem. it is related to a device called Corner Reflector.

    " A corner reflector is formed by three mutually perpendicular reflecting surfaces. Show that a ray of light incident upon the corner reflector (striking all three surfaces) is reflected back along a line parallel to the line of incidence.(Hint: Consider the effect of a reflection on the components of a vector describing the direction of the light ray). The Apollo mission placed this type of reflector on the surface of the moon in 1969."

    Please help me in this problem, i just donot know how to solve it. i have only one days left for my test. Plz Help me in detail so that i can get it understood.

    "Thanks in advance"
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    Consider the case where the light hits only two of the surfaces first.
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