A couple of basic questions about electromagnetic waves

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Thanks for the name of that book.
I'm going to check Amazon etc.

As to the quote from the letter,
in what publication or on what website did you read this?

I believe I understand what you
mean about electromagnetically
generated waves having a contin-
uous spectrum unlike photons.

Hi zoobyshoe

Yes - that is the book. The book itself is devoted to the author's ideas about the creation of matter from nothing - which I did not find well-founded - but Sternglass relates in his narrative the conversations he had with Einstein on the subject of light - for your interests, I would suggest using your local library to obtain a share loan copy from another library (ours charges a dollar for two weeks - and check out the part relating to the conversation of interest). In other words, I don't think the book is worth buying, but I may have a copy of it somewhere at my other house - if I find it I will give you the page and the exact quote.

As to Einsteins letter to Michelangelo Besso, again I cannot tell you in what book to find it (I have come across it several times in my readings). Interestingly, 25 years earlier Einstein had made a statement to the effect that he would now devote his time to pondering the nature of the photon). I have searched for that statement myself in connection with my own interest in the subject, but to no avail.

Let me see what I can come up with



Your other house?

I guess you are smarter than the
average bear.

Thank you, and I look forward to
hearing from you if you locate the
quote. That is a good idea about
checking the library as well.


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