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A couple of dumb questions.

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    1. What is the time zone of the posting time. I thought it to be GMT but it seems to be off by 1 hour.
    2. Why are some entries, particularly the newest ones in bold and have an arrow to the left? What makes the entry go from bold to normal?
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    In answer to the first one time zones can be changed through your personal settings. Not sure about the arrow thing but if a thread title is bold it means it is new since you last looked
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    I should have read my profile options more completely. Thanks
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    The arrow takes you to the oldest unread post.

    "Unread" posts are posts you did not read yet (where visiting a thread counts as "reading" for all 17 posts on that page). If you log out, or get logged out due to inactivity, all existing posts are marked as read. There is also a forum function to mark all posts as read.
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    Btw, these aren't dumb questions at all.
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