A couple of groovy avatar type pictures I made

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  2. The're very good.

    Do you have a lot of time on your hands?

    Only joking. :rofl: :tongue2:
  3. Yeah, I do. Not much work last week.
  4. Tsu

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    What kind of work do you do, Adam?
  5. I'm a computer contractor type guy, among other things.
  6. Groovy baby !!
  7. mind to explain the chinese/japanese characters on the pictures?
  8. In the yinyang, the characters are ten and chi. Ten = earth, mundane, physical, stuff like that. Chi = heaven, spiritual, mystical, et cetera.

    The other says "chivalrous spirit". Not something I have, but probably something worth trying for.
  9. The characters in both avatars are Chinese. I don't really think they are Japanese but I might be wrong because both languages share similar characters. The characters in the second avatar read 'tien chi' in Chinese. I doubt that it would have the same pronounciation in Japanese, in the case that the characters are Japanese.
  10. They are Japanese, but the Japanese kanji are indeed based on the Chinese. This site is good for translations if you have your computer set up for kanji: http://www.jlpt-kanji.com/
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