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A couple of Questions can someone help me?

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    Ok I need help with this questions.. would someone be kind enough to honestly answer them?

    It's a project and I need at least 25 years between two individuals, same questions for the two.

    I need people older than 21 =-/ and it would really help if I could get at least 1/2 a page typed double spaced... HEH!

    thanks for those who are willing to help... I am looking for older folks so if soemone could maybe ask their father or granpa.. it would be great.. thanks.

    I need your email or phone # and your full name.

    How did you spend your free time when you were a teenager (what did you do to pass the time)?

    The questions: (note if you can answer only five but half a page each that would be great, thanks

    What was the first war that had an impact on your life and why/how did it have such a big impact?

    How did a military draft during war time or peace time affect you and the people around you?

    What are your thoughts on the Atomic Bomb, do you think it was just for the USA (President Truman) to have dropped the two bombs in Japan?

    What have been some technological advances that you think have been revolutionary (greatly affected/changed) to the world?

    What historical event had a positive or negative impact on your life other than war.
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    If someone could point me to some eldery people online that would be great also....
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    Nobody at any public forum is going to give you their telephone number and full name. You might get an email address, but nothing more.
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    My daughter had an assignment at school just like this. I'd help you Euphoriet, but Cod is right, I don't give out personal information.

    You don't have anyone in your family you can ask?
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    WWII - the war that industrialized.
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