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A couple of questions of acetic acid

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    Had a lab few days ago and a question was presented:

    [q]Some people claim that women possess better color vision than men. Suppose ths is true. Two people perform this experiment and their results are as follows:

    Student1: Acetic Acid Concentration - 4.5%
    Student2: Acetic Acid Concentration - 4.8%

    Based on the gender claim which student is male and which is female? Explain your reasoning.[/q]

    :uhh: I am not exactly sure how to answer it. Can anyone help? :uhh:


    I have the following results from my experiment after three trials: Mass of Erlenmeyer flask=A, Mass of flask and vinegar=B, mass of vinegar=C, initial volume of buret=D, final volume of buret=E, volume of NaOH delivered=F, and concentration of NaOH (mol/L) on bottle=G. I am asked to find Mass % of undiluted acetic acid and average mass % of undiluted acetic acid. We weren't given any formulas on how to determine this. Does anyone know what I would do in this case?
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    If your first question involves the use of vinegar, then the first one should be female, I think.

    About your calculations, C is A-B, and F is E-D. The millimole amount of NaOH is G*F. The mass of undiluted acetic acid can be found my equalizing the millimole of NaOH and then multiplying with the molar mass of compound (C=12, H=1, O=16 g/mol).
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    maybe the student 2 is female becuase the student was able to diferenciate between the colors of the pH indicator used more accuarly than the first student. 4.5% could just be an estimation that the percentage is somewhere between 4 and 5, but 4.8% is a seemimgly more precise responce. I dont like way the question is given.
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    Hmm, a nice approach indeed. I haven't thought this through. Congrats.
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