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A couple of questions

  1. Jun 28, 2006 #1
    Why don't elctrons just go and stick to the protons in the nucleus as they are opposite charged particles, why do they keep orbiting them.
    Another question related to this.
    Why don't planets just go and crash the sun due to gravity, why do they orbit around it,Who told them or set them in motion around the sun?
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    Claude Bile

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    Electrons don't stick to protons because of quantum effects - namely the uncertainty principle.

    Planets don't crash into the sun because of the residual angular momentum present at the formation of our solar system.

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    You can use the anthropic principle on the planets: when the solar system was formed, a lot of matter did crash into the sun and a lot was blown away by its ignition. The planets formed out of what was left that just happened to have the right momentum to stay in orbit.
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    hmm i want to know too please reply
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    Read our FAQ in this section of PF.

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    Could you give me a link? Where is that?
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    Click back once to the list of threads for this section, and look near the top of the list: "Physics Forums FAQ".
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