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A couple of questions

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    I have applied to a physics program (bachelor) at a university where i live. The program is "open", there are no grade limitations (it's the same most places in Norway - studying science is not that popular).

    But as far as I've understood, the university is good. They have exchange programs with the univ. of Heidelberg and Washington.

    But... I don't want to become a "physicist". The university has a master's program in Micro Electronics (a physics bachelor leads to this). That is something I'm interested in - something practically, where I can develop stuff. What I mean is that I don't want to become a pure theoretical physicist...

    Should I have a goal to get an excellent bachelor and apply to some the top schools in the US, as opposed to stay here? Can I have a "succesfull" life nontheless? I plan to do more than my best when the studies begin, so should I give it a try?

    Can I get somewhat of an engineer's degree (in electronics and such) with a physics bachelor?

    I'm not the person who easily "aces" everything i math and physics. But I can get decent grades when working very hard... (decent grades that is). Do I have a chance of surviving such an education?

    I don't have a clear picture of what I see myself doing after I'm finished in school. I want to participate in developing things. Electronic chips maybe, and having the ability to excel in ranks (corporate wise)...

    I'm sorry if this post is a little unstructured. But I'm so uncertain, I almost doubt every decision I make. What bugs me is that I'm so uncertain, anything in technology is interesting (not chemistry, biology and medicine). But the number of fields are immense!

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    If you are planning to go beyond a BS in physics then you might look at a US school. If jobs are good in Norway in that field you might as well stay there. You might transfer to make more connections though. However if you feel job prospects are better in the US and would like to live here then go for the transfer.
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