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Homework Help: A/d ?

  1. Sep 22, 2009 #1
    In the lab for my physics course we're using a Vernier "A/D system" to collect/transmit data from the experiment sensor to the computer for analysis. It's my first time using one, and we weren't told anything about it. In this sense does A/D mean "analog to digital" converter? Would a digital multimeter then also contain an A/D system? Just curious...

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    Probably means Analog-Digital could also mean Acquisition+Data - it's just a model name.
    A multimeter contains an ADC (analog digital converter) because it must measure an analog input (voltage or current) and display it on a digital display - numbers on the LCD
    It might also have a data acquisition feature where it sends the digitised data to a PC with a USB or serial port.
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    Hmmm...I see. Thanks for the explanation.
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