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A Day after Christmas Story

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    Well, the weather warmed up so I was out in the back yard this morning scrubbing my Saab Chia. It made the whole yard look bad when everything else was all pretty and white. While I was washing the hood, a small brown and white pigeon looking bird landed about 10 feet away from me. Then it walked off into the bushes. Odd I thought. Then I turned around and saw a big brown eagle land on the neighbors garage about 30 feet away. That's something I've never seen in the 20 years I've lived here. I looked back down to where the bird had landed and noticed that there was a bit of blood on the snow. Oh my god. I'd just witnessed nature in action.

    I decided to see if the little pigeon was dead or dying, so I followed the little drops of blood until I found him sitting under a bush.


    All I could see was white feathers and his beady little black eyes. It must be a Christmas Dove!

    Well, not knowing what to do with the little guy, I decided to run off to the store and buy some dove food for him. I thought he must be hungry after such an ordeal. When I got back from the store with the food he was still sitting in the same spot. I filled up an old green melamine coffee cup with the seed and proceeded to fight my way through the shrubbery to put it in front of him. Of course, he would have nothing to do with me and hobbled away. I set the food down where he'd been roosted and sneaked noisily to the opposite side and shoed him back to the tasty treats. He took his position next to the food and completely ignored it. Well, I thought, maybe he's in shock. I'll just let him rest awhile.

    I went back to washing the Saab. La di da, la di da, scrub scrub scrub, then splat. A Robin pooped on me from the branch of a Holly tree above. Well, here I am, the bird messiah, having chased away the eagle-doers, turned plastic into bird seed, and you have the audacity to poop on me. I wiped off the crap, turned the hose in his direction, and shot a nice solid blast of cold water up his butt. He flew away.

    I finished cleaning up the Saab and went back to check on the dove. He seemed to be a bit of a bird brain, as he'd not touched his food. Well starve to death then, I yelled at him.

    I went away and washed up a few other algae coated artifacts around the yard. But of course I couldn't stop thinking about the poor little fella. What if one of the feral neighbor cats eats him. What if the squirrels sense his weakness and gnaw him to death. So I decided to pull down my snow pea wire trellis and form it into a little aviary for him. I finished it, but it had no top. I decided he would be cat food within hours if I penned him in there. My only solution was to capture him somehow. Fortunately, I have an old fishing net which was just the right size. It worked perfectly.

    Unfortunately, his little heart must have been going crazy, because he started bleeding profusely. So I hurried him into the house and as gently as possible, dumped him into my bathtub. I looked to make sure he was still alive, turned off the lights, backed out of the bathroom very slowly, and shut the door. I then got his little cup of food and a couple of old white towels so he'd have something to eat and something to sit on. I also filled the end of the tub with water so he could have a drink and wash up a bit, if he were so inclined.


    Well, that's the story, so far.
    Anyone want a bird?
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    Oh, dear. I feel for you. He's a pretty little bird, though.

    Some doves made a nest in my hanging catnip plant one year. One little bird was born, and he tried to leave the nest too soon and broke his wing. The neighborhood cats, of course,were going berserk over this baby bird with the broken wing who reeked of catnip. I swear, the only thing that could have made the situation worse is if he had a jingle bell on his tail!

    I couldn't get him to stay in the nest. A couple of times he fell out and my cat actually retrieved him and (amazingly) brought him to me unharmed. I ended up calling a wildlife sanctuary but they would only take him if I gave them a $85 donation. Softy, that I am, I brought them the bird and forked over the money.

    I don't have any hanging plants on the balcony any more. It's just asking for trouble.
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    Some sparrows had a nest next to our deck and had eggs in it. My husband, rennovating the area, threw the nest with the eggs in it on the ground crushing the eggs. The sparrow came back to see her nest gone and started to scream. Both sparrows, I guess mom and dad, kept circling the area looking for their eggs. And they kept screaming. I felt so bad. My husband has no feeling for animals. He would rather shoot squirrels and cats with a b-b gun.
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    Oh, Om, that is so sweet. I hope he doesn't die.
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    I would take the bird, but it seems its destiny is you. What a special friend you have there. And either it be to ease his passing, or to help him heal, its still very special.
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    It would appear that was his fate once released:

    I believe he's a "ring neck" dove, originally from Africa. (I've been reading up on doves)

    He's eaten a bit since I put him in the tub, and he's getting a bit more used to me.

    I may have to put a top on his aviary. I can't have a bird in my bath forever.
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    How do they taste?
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    I thought that you prune Chia pets, not scrub them... :confused:
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    I got him onto a towel so I could take him out to the living room.
    I found a bunch of you tube dove cooing, laughing, singing videos.
    I thought familiar sounds might be more comforting than staring at the inside of a bathtub all day.

    He seemed to like the following best:


    He just sat and stared through 3 or 4 other videos. But when that one came on, he fluffed all up and started preening himself. Acting all like there was nothing wrong.

    I think he's tired. His eyelids are starting to droop. I think I'll set him on top of the fish tank for the night.
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    Apparently they are quite tasty. The passenger pigeon was eaten to extinction. Doves and Pigeons fall in the same family; Columbidae.

    I suppose if I find my little angel dove, legs up in the morning, I'll set her out on the roof in the morning for the eagle to feast upon. She might have family to feed back home.
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    Thats one of my favorite songs, are we sure its a him?
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    Math Is Hard

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    NooOOo! Not Disco Duck!
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    She didn't respond to trib's 3 songs. Must have good taste.

    I really didn't know anything about pigeons until today. I've not a clue how to tell the sexes apart. Perhaps I'll refer to him/her as Pat.

    She's been cleaning her blood soaked feathers for the last two hours over on the fish tank. She's finally settled down and looks like she wants to go to bed. I think I'll shut off the lights, cross my fingers, and do the same.
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    That's nice that your taking care of..it..(he/she/it!)

    I swear it looks like a pigeon from the pictures though. Ring neck doves (white ones) don't have brown wings like the one you have. I think it's a mixed colour pigeon.

    P.S They don't all have clearly seen large humongous ceres like the one in the reference pic you posted. (My dad raised pigeons before)

    If you google.."white pigeon" you'll see what I mean.

    And the part about the, "white racing homer pigeon" blah blah blah..it's actually not quite true.
    Street pigeons fly quite well and they are not racing pigeons, and my dad raised quite a few racing pigeons himself. The most common colour was the normal gray. The other pigeons were, poor fliers 99% of the time. It's odd but that's how it is.
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    Fly like an Eagle did nothing? I would have thought that would be like playing the theme from Rocky to a redneck.
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    I tried googling but didn't come up with any definitive way to tell them apart.

    She stayed on the fish tank all night. Good little birdie. But still a bloody mess on her undersides. I think I'll throw her back in the tub this morning, with a bit more water.

    I found a lost and found web site listed by http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/f20/" [Broken], with pictures and contact information.

    Argh! Must be a teenage male. He refuses to get in the bath. Where's the belt.........
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  19. Dec 28, 2008 #18
    Now you are sure that the blood is from a wound caused by an eagle and not the bloody discharge which is the first sign of avian flu right?
  20. Dec 28, 2008 #19
    Saab? OMg (pun) are you a Saabnut OM?
  21. Dec 28, 2008 #20


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    Sorry binz, this is an xmas dove angel from heaven thread. You'll have to wait until next year for my saab story. o:)
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