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A dead guy on the sidewalk

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    Ivan Seeking

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    My sister has had an unusual bit of bad luck. Recently, in the middle of the night, someone driving at high speed through a residential area lost control of his truck, was thrown from the vehicle and crushed as it landed on him, and all on the sidewalk in front of my sister's house. So, that was obviously upsetting to see. And then people who knew the victim started coming by to ask about the details. They just show and and knock on the door. And now, wreaths on the front lawn. Obviously she couldn't say no to the family and friends but it is really bothering her.

    Not too long ago the microwave repairman was electrecuted and nearly died while working in my sister's kitchen. He got hit by the HV magnetron circuit. :surprised and my sister found him rolling around on the floor and moaning.

    Just a strange couple of episodes for someone, esp for someone who is easily upset. She is extremely sensitive.
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    Time she learns about 6sigma events.
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    Seeing stuff like that affects people, yes. Even without being highly sensitive.
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