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A diagram for 440/440 Star/Star motors please

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    Ive recently had a job that met one...In dual wound motors ive always had the teaching that delta is the slow winding and the the opposite 3 windings are fast with the first 3 star'd out. what I had today was a 2 speed motor with FWD / REV contactors and then again in the fast side. For the slow however there was a contactor linked to 2 phases after the FWD / REV contactors and couldnt get past the fast contactors. this feed was linked but obviously reversed for the slow reverse side all through the same contactor and on to the same 2 windings.....Im pretty sure this cant work in FWD / REV its blown my mind (which isnt that hard). The only way I can see this working is that it uses only 2 connections on a dual wound motor and im confused as to how.
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