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A dichotomy.

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    I am trying to categorize energy by breaking it into two forms... Please critique this and tell me if/where I am in lack of understanding.

    The first form is actualized energy. Actualized energy would be energy that is in its active form; for example, light. This energy is in the act of imposing its force on the universe. Actualized energy would be energy that is being exposed to a maximum degree. The opposing form would be latent energy. This would include mass. Latent energy does not impose its full force on the universe.

    Example.... Uranium is taken and enriched. Is the Uranium before detonation a form of latent energy? Is the actualized form of energy the part when detonated?

    Am I characterizing a real difference?

    If there is a difference, then isnt it possible for the universe to vary im proportion of actualized/latent energy?
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    Have you heard of the difference between kinetic and potential energies?
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    Claude Bile

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    However you decide to categorise energy, the most important thing to have is rigid definitions for each category, in your case, 'actualised' and 'latent' energy.

    Your definitions simply aren't rigid enough, it is too subjective. Hence you aren't really charcterising a real difference. More rigid definitions may change this though.

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