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A Different Kind of Zoo

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    Imagine going to a special zoo - a very special zoo:

    How much would you pay to see a live polar bear feeding - using penguins? (I know they don't live together in the wild, but I'm sure the bear would eat them)

    What about pulling a chunk of meat a 60 mph through a cheetah exhibit and watching it catch it?

    Tiger eating a live deer (deer are cheaper than gazelle)

    Sharks ripping apart live stuff

    Leopard Seal eating penguins live

    Crocodiles eating live stuff (like penguins)

    Grizzly eating deer

    A wolverine taking down something big

    So here is the question: How would the public perceive this, how would the law deal with this? Is it legal? The animals are being eaten... Maybe this wouldn't be possible in the U.S., but do you think it would be popular?
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    Why would you need to see it live in a zoo setting? You can see plenty of good documentary videos on the subject, without leaving home. Or you can head out into the wild. Seems like trying to do it in a captive, zoo setting would not add value, and there would be plenty of objections.
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    No, I don't think it would be popular at all.

    Btw, I volunteer at a local zoo, and one of the sharks just started a new behavior: now and again, she eats a tank mate. She's quite old, and the keepers aren't sure if this odd behavior is age related.
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    Most people get frozen turkeys, chickens, pork, beef... so I guess they wouldn't like the zoo. I don't know what would be wrong in that kind of zoo. I believe you can go to Africa/Antartic/other wild areas and see this live anyway with some patience.
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    theyd run out of animals, unless they just did these in live shows, but if they fed the polar bears penguins 24/7....
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    I don't think promoting cruelty to animals for the entertainment of humans will ever get very far. Like people have said previously. You can see these things in the wild if you so wish. Thread closed.
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