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A Differential Equation

  1. Jun 2, 2005 #1
    This is out of a P3 (OCR) text book so it should be dead easy but I just can't see the answer. I know it is not a simple ln(N(500-N)) because the differential is not on top. Anyway here it is:


    they also say when N = 100, dN/dt = 8 (which is obvious)

    the answer in the back of the book is:


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    Hmm, most people here won't know about the exam boards we have :smile:. Have you done anything on the question and if so, could you post it?

    Edit: what did you mean by the differential's not on top?

    I'm stuck trying to integrate [tex]\int \frac{dN}{N(500 - N)}[/tex]. Argh :/.
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    The numerator

    This is a variable seperable right?

    so you take the N(500-N) to the left side, split the dN and the dt to get:

    int[ 1/{N(500-N)} ] dN = int[ 1/5000 ] dt

    Now by chain rule (I think), if the differential is on the top of the fraction you can just say it is the log of the denominator. eg int [1/x] dx = ln|x|+c

    However, the differential is not on the top in this case so I am screwed.
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    Partial fractions will work.
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    oh yeah sometimes you can be so obsessed looking for something really complicated and miss something simple. It does work. Thanx
  7. Jun 2, 2005 #6
    break the numerator into 2 pieces. I don't remember how you say that in ze english, partial fraction decomposition or something.
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    Don't worry sorted. You just needed to say partial fractions. Thanx anyway.
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