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A distillation procedure, product safe to drink?

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    Im attempting to make a distillation procedure with tap water so that i can drink it pure. I got a small can of pvc primer, i emptied it, and scrubbed it clean as best i could. Its sitting on a stop top right now getting as hot as it can possibly get so that all of the alcohols will evaporate. As listed on the can, its contents are:
    methlethylketone 78-93-3
    cyclohexafone 108-94-1
    tetrahydrofuran 109-99-9
    acetone 67-61-1

    So will it be safe to distill water from this can and drink it?
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    testing the product on yourself is generally an unsafe procedure, especially if you haven't performed the proper chemical tests to ensure that it's safe. No one in here is gonna tell you to drink that water, if you're gonna do it anyways, you should obtain a water testing kit and even go to your local university to obtain a GC/MS spectra or somethin (although it'll cost ya)
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    bah, the whole reason im doing this is because i KNOW there are toxins in my tap water and my landlord has done nothing, and will do nothing. The can was cheeap. I will have to save up more than 9 dollars next time and buy a real teapot, atleast i have the vinyl hose ready.
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