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A diver and Inertia

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    A diver can change his rotational inertia by drawing his arms and legs close to his body in the tuck position. After he leaves the diving board (with some unknown angular velocity), he pulls himself into a ball as closely as possible and makes 2.00 complete rotations in 1.33 s. If his rotational inertia decreases by a factor of 3.00 when he goes from the straight to the tuck position, what was his angular velocity when he left the diving board?

    1. 3.15 rad/s
    2. 3.05 rad/s
    3. 2.85 rad/s
    4. 3.25 rad/s

    I know that i am supossed to use this equations I1W1=I2W2, but i am not getiing on of these answers at all and i don;t know what i am doing wrong.
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    Works fine for me. What do you get for the angular velocity when he's a ball?
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    lol nevermind, i flipped the numbers.
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