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A drawing question

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    I'm trying to draw the side-view and I'm having a bit of trouble. Is what I drew correct, or is there some kind of special representation for threaded holes?
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    Yes, there is a special type of line used to fill in the area of a threaded hole. Look it up in the alphabet of lines. Everything you have so far is fine, you just need more.
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    What else is needed? I know there's a hole at the top, but it'd be to confusing if I tried to include that in the side view as hidden lines.
    I also know dimensions should be included, but I'm omitting them for the purpose of this post. Thanks!
    Btw, what do you mean by the alphabet of lines? I tried looking it up, but is it some sort of chart or table?
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    In general avoid hidden lines wherever possible. It's always preferable to do a another view to show the feature properly.

    In this case I wouldn't use any hidden lines. I'd do a front view, side view on the other side and a top view. The two holes at the front can be called out and positioned from the top view as through holes. Same with the two on the front face.

    Depending on the geometry and the importance of the through hole on the diagonal face, I'd do that as a section view, and the same with the large hole on the top.

    I'd do that because I use CAD. If I were drawing by hand I wouldn't do the section views, but show the hole on the diagonal as hidden lines.

    You can show a threaded hole by a concentric arc that goes around the hole in question, http://media.photobucket.com/image/threaded hole/S_PK/019cdcdd.jpg
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