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A due to gravity

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    Hello All,

    Would anyone happen to know where I can find an "exact" measurement of the acceleration due to gravity at a (almost) precise location on the earth's surface? Anywhere in the Rocky Mountain region would be fine. Thanks!
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    a=9.81 m/s^2
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    In the US,


    looks like a good source (if you can get the ftp link to work)

    but the data will be gravity anomaly data, there's some discussion of the formulas used in the wikipedia


    Google gives lots of other hits, too many to mention, some state specific.
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    Oh, just get yourself a simple gravimeter from your local university geology dept. and take your own measurements.

    However, if you happen to have a load of liquid He and alot of free time ( like 24 months just to read the manual), then I suggest you get a top of the line superconducting gravity meter from these guys:he,he :biggrin:
    http://www.gwrinstruments.com/GWR_ctspec.html [Broken]
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    The "precise location of the earth's surface"?? And where would that be? There's a heckuva lot of "earth's surface" in the region of the Rockies and a lot of people on earth who would think it would be more reasonable to use the gravitational acceleration at sea leve rather than anywhere near the Rockies!

    Edit- sorry, I misunderstood your question.
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    Hows about going there yourself and using an ultra-fine weight scale, and standing on it, move on, do it again. But you might have to "Invent" to find a scale with that kind of accuracy.
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    Thanks Creator and Pervect-- The rest of you are quite useless, but thanks anyway!
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    Useless? humor is useless? somebody 'aughta tell you fella :rofl:

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    Sorry. My english is not very good. I did not catch the humor, and I did not mean to sound like a jerk.
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    You didn't, you aren't and My apologies if I seemed somewhat disconcerted in my attempt at humor.

    Not as good at it, sometimes, as I would like to think myself, as being.

    :biggrin: :biggrin:
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