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A DVD-writer question

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    I have a bootable DVD and I have two different laptops. The DVD-writers of the two laptops seems fine but something strange happened today. One DVD-writer does not recognize the bootable DVD but other does. This shows that DVD isn't corrupted. What is the problem? Is the DVD-writer which cannot recognize the DVD broken down? How can I understand this?

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    Did you google on the error you got? I’m sure others online have run into the same problem with the same computer.
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    I have many times over the years experienced the same thing. Minor degradations in a CD/DVD can cause one reader to gag on it while another reader sees it just fine. I've even had cases where it was borderline and one reader would consistently read it OK but another would read it or not depending on whether or not it (the reader) was in a good mood.
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    But how can I search that error when there isn't any notification or error code?
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    You have the make and model of the machine and you have what happened so formulate a search. It’s what we often do when someone asks a question like this and we don’t know the answer.

    We often tell posters to try the search first and then try PF.
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    You could try burning a second copy of the boot disk with the writer that does work.
    Could be just not a very good DVD media, that sort of thing is not uncommon.
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    Apart from the DVD it can be also the reader itself. Even just some dust can make it do so that it reads/writes some DVDs, but not others (which are still OK in any other drive).
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    Two possible reasons:
    • One laptop may not have the DVD before the HDD in the Boot Order
    • There may be a fingermark on the DVD. Polish it.
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    I think laptop DVD drives are main part of the problem and they are not as fine as that of desktop's. I tried to burn some iso files with Microsoft's own tool but there has always been problem. I cannot burn any bit to DVDs. The DVDs' brand is Princo. 4.7 GB, 16x speed. There is problem with two laptop's dvd drives. What do you think about buying a usb-dvd drive?
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    The usb ones are pretty reliable. I use one on a regular basis. I do get bad burns but they are attributed to CD and DVD defects or fingerprint smudges.

    They sell dvd disk cleaning kits and dvd lens cleaner disks in case there’s dust on the lens.
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    A tip about buying a DVD drive. If you expect to do much writing to DVDs, beware. Many of them on the market will advertise high write speeds, maybe 48X, but will do that only for the first 30 seconds. They then fall back to a very slow write speed. If you want the faster speed, get a drive rated for 'Copy Duty.' They are typically available from manufacturers that make disk copying machines and cost only a few dollars more than the usual consumer stuff. Without any hard data to back it up, I suspect that the Entertainment folks (Hollywood) are now paying the DVD drive manufacturers to cripple the write speed, thereby reducing the supply of copied movies.

    It took weeks, 5 rejected and returned drives, and much Internet searching to trace that down. Annoying.
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