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A Falling Stone

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    I have a question about height and a falling stone. The question reads:

    Question: A stone falling takes 0.28 seconds to travel past a window 2.2 meters tall. From what height above the tope of the window did the stone fall?

    Answer: 3.46 meters

    Is this the correct answer.

    Thank You
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    How did you do it?

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    i.e. show your work if you want help.
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    heh, i remember doing that problem out of giancoli years ago.
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    Sorry here's my work.

    V(i)=7.86 m/s
    a= -9.8 m/s^2

    y= (v^2-V(i)^2)/2a


    y=3.46 m

    Thank You
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    What do you denote by v(i) and how did you derived it? If you mean the speed at the top of the window I assume you found it as:

    [tex]v_i = \frac{h - \frac{gt^2}{2}}{t}[/tex],

    Its value should be 6.49 m/s instead.

    Also do not consider accelearation as negative. It is easier to take the y-axis pointing downward to make all vector quantities positive.

    Almost there, but you need to arrange a little, as v_i is actually the final velocity for the part of the trajectory from drop point to the top of the window. So,

    [tex]h = \frac{v_i^2}{2g}[/tex]

    You should get a value of 2.15 m.
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    Thank you, I see where I got confused
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