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A family issue

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    how can i forgive my father?
    this is a family issue. yes, i and my father had a big quarrel. i feel like i have lost my trust in him. the reason why i don't trust him any more is because he left me when i needed him most! even if he has reliazed his fault, but still we don't have the good old father-daughter relationship like before. before we joked and laughed and talked alot. now i just avoid him :cry:

    *sigh deeply* it has been months now, but still i don't like talking to him. how and what can i do to forgive him? he is a good father, but this is not enough making me forgive him. *sigh* i know that i hurt my father when i keep behaving this way, but God! i don't know how to get the old atmosphere back. my father is an old man that is why i don't like wasting my time and our time being angry and avoiding each other.

    so please, give your advices, i really need them!

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    Forgive and let go.

    Acept him for better or worse, and try and see the beautiful things about him, even all does things that make him imperfect, because in the end, we are all like him.

    Holding on to anger is like trying to hold on to a peaice of hot coal with the intent of lobbing it at someone else,... in the end you only hurt yourself.
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    i guess i am VERY stubborn.... :frown:
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    When one falls, they should see the uprising and not the gloom.

    Always look for the best in any situation indoubt. See what your father has done for you, and that will overcome the thought of what he has not done for you.
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    :cry: i must have expected too much of him though. that is why i am now so disappointed when i see that he is not a perfect father afterall.
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    That's why you need the stupid little things that you both always have in common. It gives you something safe to talk about that helps each of you edge up to letting the other knows you still love each other in spite of the problems that crop up.
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