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A fate question!

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    i've been thinking ultimately
    if GOD exists and it will really happen the way he spoke about the end of the world
    can we relate a universal phenomena like the collision of our galaxy with another one (like andromeda..) or the explosion and expansion of the sun.. or etc..
    so this would be the end of human being from a scientific point of view
    and a RELIGIOUS point of view?
    are there any relations?
    might there be any relation?

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    Read Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question".

    He suggests a unification of religion and science.
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    When did God speak about the end of the world?

    This sounds not so much like a question about a religion-neutral metaphysical being or about fate as it does a question about how to interpret specific religious texts or prophesies. Please be avided that we do not allow such topics of discussion here on PF.
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