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A feeling like no other

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was listening to Dr. Frank Drake talk about the first attempt to listen for an extraterrestrial signal using a large radio telescope. Most here probably know that Drake is famous for his equation which seeks to estimate the number of planets in the galaxy likely to have intelligent life.
    He explained that the likelihood of life on other planets was a wild guess at that time, so they knew that life could be so common they might expect to detect a signal on the first try; or maybe never. So they tried the first star and followed it until it set. Then they turned to the second star and…there it was! Not only was it a unique signal - like none heard before – but it also sounded exactly like an artificial signal might sound. So for a time they thought that it really might be a transmission from intelligent aliens.
    What made me think was when he said: "It was a feeling like no other, [long pause] and I'd like to have it again."
    Wow, I had never seriously considered how it might feel to make such a discovery. I would bet the feeling is quite unique, indeed!!!
    So what other experiences, times, or places, have distinct and strong feelings associated with the memory? For me the feeling of, well, for one, getting married comes to mind. o:) The feeling of a S. Cal beach in July. The feeling of Christmas....
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    Any individual that 'wants' to feel a particular feeling may intend to cause that feeling and might be willing to pay for that temporary "effect" with money.

    A process commonly known as "chasing the dragon".

    There was a time when i did intend to cause a particular feeling in me, and i "chased the dragon". Before causing that particular feeling, and during and after that particular feeling i caused, i did not feel "right" about me, and i did NOT feel for other beings. i became de-sensitized.

    I know that when I intend to not cause any particular feeling or effect, and I ALWAYS intend to not cause any particular feeling or effect, my emotions/feeling(s) are balanced and I feel right about Me and I feel for other beings. I am sensitive.

    Memories of feelings about a particular situation are only "thoughts", and so long as "thoughts" were preserved, so was illusion.

    That was then. This is now.

    However, it is possible that an individual may intend to "marry" an other individual, because both individuals BELIEVE that they belong together and are 'soul mates', and because it feels "right" and "unique".

    A true marriage between 2 individuals that intend to be right cannot be bought. A true marriage between soul mates is indeed unique and right, and is the cause of many good "feelings" (that other individuals would pay lots of money for) forever for both individuals and their family(s).

    A true marriage between 2 individuals that intend to be right was true before they were "married", and hence, does not require one human "witness".

    And, oh yeah, I like Christmas.

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    Oh yes... the two miraculous feelings like no other came in two seperate lucid dreams, the first I've had twice, where I jump off a cliff in New Zealand. Its obviously impossible to explain because I can't relate it to anything, but maybe it feels so good because you are so free. A freebird, literally flying. Toward the ground. But the normal laws of physics don't apply in dreams, I hit the ground very softly. :smile: The second I've had once, and was pretty recent. Looking at waterfalls in North Ireland. The beauty is like no other. Takes two long to explain the scene.
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    The first time my operating system booted up and worked correctly. That was the most awesome feeling ever :approve:
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    The first time I died, it was awesome.
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