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Homework Help: A few basic induced current questions

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    It's sunday night and I have another prelab to do. I wrote down all the answers I thought were correct but I'd like a little confirmation on these. See attached picture for the setup. The red lines indicate parts where the coil is looped away from the view and the black would be parts of the coil closer to view. Also, the arrow by the bar magnet means that the magnet is being moved in that direction.

    2. In the diagram, label the ends of the coil N and S. Hint: like poles repel.
    -I have N as the right side of the coil and S as the left

    3. Now use the right-hand rule to determine what the direction of the current in the coil must be to produce the poles as determined in the previous step.
    -I have clockwise through the system

    4. Suppose the person gets tired and stops pushing the bar magnet, leaving it near the coil, motionless. How will this affect the coil current and why?
    -The coil will lose current because there will no longer be a change in flux through any cross-sectional area.

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