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A few question.

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    Hi, everyone I am new around here and was wondering if anybody could answer some basic questions for me?

    1. I was wondering how you would make an electrical connection or for example a direct connect from a battery to switch the electrons to be only negative or only positive.

    2. If you have any industrial websites or the such I need to find very high amp wiring and safety equipment. Around 100 amp wiring.

    3. I didn't know if you would know how to make a marx generator, it basically uses a multiple capacitor bank and air or any gas basically to arc them when turned on, thus making a sort of pulse type energy.

    4. Where could I possibly find capacitors that are specifically made for very rapid discharge/recharge?

    5. And what kind of setup would I have to have to basically use a lets say a generalized battery and then have the marx generator pulse energy through the line whenever it completely recharges?

    Thank you!
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    That question doesn't make any sense to me. Electrons are negatively charged.
    100 amps is not high at all. You can get such wires at any decent hardware store. Are you confusing amps and volts?
    Googling turns up a lot of info, but I suggest that without a high level of knowlege of the subject, you not even attempt it. There is a very real chance of death if you have a problem.
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    Welcome to PF, Kevin.
    If your first question means what I think it does, as to reversing the polarity to a load, then the following diagram might help. It's the circuit that I use to make a DC motor reversible without having to swap the battery connections.
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