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A few questions about Aircraft Physics.

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    Ok so as i stated in the title I will be asking a couple of questions about Aircraft physics and the Antonov AN 225 Aircraft itself.

    1. Do you know any good websites where I can find information on the Antonov AN 225, I have looked and all I can find is the specs (dimensions), I would like to know what It is made of and that?

    2.) How strong is Plexiglas, could it withstand a .44 magnum round and do Antonov's have Plexiglas windows?

    3.)What is the Antonov AN 225 made of, as in it's hull/fuselage, is it like most other big aircarft and made of Aluminium?

    I ask these questions because I am planning a game which is going to feature a plane scene and I want to know what I am dealing with, as in what extend can I go to with the Physics and all that. All help is appreciated.
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