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A few questions about magnets

  1. Mar 5, 2008 #1
    Just a few simple questions about magnets:

    1) If 2 permanent magnets are placed one on top of the other such that one magnet repels the other and therefore the second magnet levitates and assuming that this is a ideal situation and the magnet is not knocked off its vertical levitating position, how long would the two magnets maintain their magnetic properties? - basically how long would 2 permanent magnets last in a repelling magnetic field without losing its magnetic properties?

    2) If a have 2 cylinders like shown in the diagram, with the two cylinders repelling each other... how long would the magnets last?

    Thanks... :)

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    How long a permanent magnet keeps its magnetism depends on several factors - mainly the material its made from and its environment. Heating magnets is bad for them, as are stray magnetic fields. A good magnet will stay magnetic for years. Pretend you want to buy a magnet and do a web search.

    I don't understand the diagram.
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