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A few questions for any employed Physicist

  1. Jul 13, 2009 #1
    Hello, I am 17 (still in high school) currently taking a speech class (No physics classes during summer :( ) this summer for a few credits and for a little bit of fun however, I am seriously pursuing a career as a physicist. Now for this speech class I mentioned earlier I have a midterm which is to present a speech about how to join a career of my choice and well, I also need to interview someone in the field. Now, I thought that this would be a good place to come and ask a few questions for not only this class but also to become more familiar with my future.

    Please PM and answer if you wish but this is open to anyone really and here are a few things I am going to ask maybe I might ask for fallow up questions to anyone who seems inserted in helping me or seems like some one I would like to know more about.

    1. What is your Job title and how long have you been working in that position?

    2. What drew you into the field of physicist and what kept you going in that field?

    3. What were some struggles you had to go through to be in the position you are in now, how did you overcome them and are there some struggles you go through now?

    4. What is the favorite thing about your job, second favorite, and what just pisses you off about your job and why?

    5. Do you have any advice can you give to someone who might have a little bit of trouble in math, but a strong determination to go on?

    6. Where did/do you go to collage, grad school etc and what where some good and bad things about those places, and what would you recommend to an aspiring quantum/theoretical physicist? (I am still unsure of my subfield as all of science is inspiring to me)

    7. Do you have any life experiences you would like to share, and what made them so important?

    8. What is your name? * If you feel uncomfertable with sharing this then I can keep you anonymous.

    I thank anyone in advance for reading this and if you have any suggestions for improving any questions or something please respond and if you can answer any one of these questions that would be awesome.
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