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A few questions

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    am i right to assume that zero point energy is the energy that a piece of matter must have to equal its mass via E=mc^2 or is it something else. also with the copperhaggen interpretation is it right to assume that by following it in its most literal scence that it implies that god exists.
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    No, that is not what ZPE is. What you've described is known as the rest energy of a body. And the CI does not imply that god exists.
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    Hmm... I know this guy, he might not connect to the internet until monday. He believes that we have created god by observing him and deeply believing that he exists and believes that everything is possible, he also then told me that we have created the laws of physics by believing in them. i dont know if he's right about this one, can someone point me in the right direction: he simplified the CI so it says "If you are not observing it, it does not exist."
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