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A Few Questions

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    Recently, I've been looking at the classified section on newspapers and noticed something interesting. Several companies looking for Software Engineers; nothing odd about that. The interesting part was the degree requirements: BS in CompSci, SoftEng, CompEng, or Electrical Engineering, Mech Eng, Math, etc. Now, I understand any professional with any of these titles will have a general understanding of software and programming but I didn't think an Electrical Engineer would be capable of designing software.

    A) Are these companies looking for an Electrical Engineer that can design software related to Electrical Eng? An Electrical Engineer that can design software unrelated to E.Eng? Or do they simply lump all these professions into one?

    With the above in mind, I'm planning to attend City College of New York and would like outside opinions about their Science and Engineering Depts. As of now, I'm still in a gray area as to what I'd like to become but with a better understanding of what to expect it will be easier to choose a career. I'm looking for a very challenging, exciting, and profitable career and hopefully CCNY's curriculum matches my ambitions. I simply don't want to choose a career that can be thrown into some kind of "pot" along with other professions when looking for a job. Thanks for your time.

    Jordan Joab.
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    I'm no expert and I don't know if anyone other than that company ca really answer your Question but' here's my 2 cents:

    it may be that the company needs software for some sort of math/science/eng. based application. They feel then that anyone with a degree in Math/Physics/Eng. has had some programing experience and should feel comfortable thinking about and dealing with what ever it is they need done. Thus maybe they feel they can train them or bring them up to speed on the software eng. side of things. Perhaps they are hiring for a team to design the software so they may not need another dedicated SW Eng. where as someone more versed in the math/physics of their situation could be more beneficial
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    Hey, them's fighting words! :-)

    Nah, some EEs have a lot of programming experience. The job posting is just trying to cover all the backgrounds that could have enough programming experience for the job.
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    Makes sense. I was simply curious about how a job posting could be so broad and general by lumping that many professions into one. Anyone have information regarding the last paragraph of my 1st post? Thanks.

    Jordan Joab
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