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A few questions

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    ok so i am 21 i am in the military i read some books that had quantum mechanics in it and i immediately became sucked into the world of physics. i have a few questions that i was curious about.

    1. Do magnetic fields affect things like black holes IE: if miniature black holes appeared in the lhc could they use magnetic fields to control there size.

    2. if you were traveling speed of light (theoretically of course) and you turned a light on in front of the ship what would happen. also what if you fired a gun or a missile out of the ship would it go no where or would it travel past the ship until it lost speed and the ship passed it.

    3. what kind of jobs are out there for physicists.
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    You questions have less to do with "quantum mechanics", but rather more to do with Special and General Relativity. So it is being moved to there.

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    Black holes may be charged. A charged black hole would be affected by magnetic fields just like any other charged particle.


    I don't know about physicists, but engineers have decent selection of available jobs. Of course, today may not be the best time to go job hunting if you can avoid it.
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    physicists can work with research in different areas, everything from theoreatical research at universities to lab-research in companies and hospitals (solids, materials, radiation, molecules and atoms..)

    Physicists can also do lab-work, programming work and there is also applied physics jobs like medical physics (x-ray appratus, nuclear dosimetry, proton therapy etc.)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi mrlaughingman ! Welcome to PF! :smile:
    1. The size of a black hole depends only on its mass … in other words, how much there is in it.

    You can stop a black hole from getting bigger only by stopping anything from hitting it (it has no "sucky-power", btw … it will only "eat" things that hit it :wink:).

    (Of course, the lhc can't make black holes anyway … but that's another question, with threads already on it.)
    3. Remember, when you're job hunting, the object is to capture the job, not kill it! :biggrin:
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    thanks for the welcome and what portion of physics deals with worm holes and time travel. i know there the crazy aunt theorys of physics but i cant get enough of it.
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    General and Special theory of relativity
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    i see i see. what kind of jobs are there out there for indiviuals who study in this field do colleges higher people to do more research on these kind of subject. (im not looking for a job right now i am still working for the military) i would like to know because i dont want to spend all my time studying a subject that wont land me any kind of job after i get out of the military.
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    you also have meteorology and earth-science (earthquakes etc.) as physics related job/ research areas.
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    well that is very interesting
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel" [Broken], €242k per year.
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