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A flow rate problem

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    I'm now making a vacuum chamber.
    The gauge pressure inside the vacuum chamber is about 250 mmHg.
    There will be some gap on the operating surface, about 2 mm width.
    The thickness of the gap is between 1 - 10 mm.
    What is the maximum flow rate per meter for the vacuum chamber?
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    ummm, shouldn't a vacuum chamber have a negative gauge pressure (and could you put it into Pa or Psi)? also, a sketch would help greatly.
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    Thanks for the comment. The vacuum chamber have a negative gauge pressure. The attachment is the rough sketch of the chamber.

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    75 Mpa does not seem like vacuum to me, also it is more common to refer to mmHg by Torr.

    Are you trying to find the flow rate based on 250 Torr pressure difference acros a slot of 2 mm width?
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