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Homework Help: A force F of magnitude 12 N, Please help

  1. Dec 15, 2012 #1
    A force F of magnitude 12 N, Please help!!

    A force F of magnitude 12 N has componenets P and Q. The sum of the magnitudes of P and Q is 18 N. The direction of Q is at right angles to F. Find the magnitude of Q.

    I am not able to visualize the drawing. My question is this. I know the sum of two vectors is a third vector. So in the problem, it seems F is the third vector with a magnitude of 12 N. Then how can sum of P + Q = 18N. I am confused. Please help.
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    Re: A force F of magnitude 12 N, Please help!!

    Try to find an equivalent geometric problem, by applying the "parallelogram law" for adding vectors. P and Q will be the sides of the parallelogram and F will be the diagonal.
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