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Homework Help: A Foucaultian Genealogy of Exams

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    hello guys. since i didn't saw any philosophy subforum in the coursework questions thread, i decided to start my thread here at the other sciences section. i really wasn't sure if i should have put this in the philosophy thread but oh well...

    basically, i've been reading a lot of foucault material and decided to write a paper about the history of exams, or rather a genealogy of exams. i wanted to know where it all started, how, and what effects did it brought about and if there were any proliferative deployments that resulted from it. it is like i'm making a study just like how foucault did his history of sexuality. the problem is that i dont really know where i can get my reference and source materals. it is already a given that i would use some accounts in his book discipline and punish and the use of pleasure. but are there any other sources i can refer to? it doesnt really need to be a work written by foucault, it can any psychologist and historians. even trivial origins of how it all started would be helpful--like if it was from the greeks, egyptians, or chinese...

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    Wouldn't F. say "genealogy of the modern exam"? In his framework, wouldn't modern exam be a measurement and evaluation technology that accomplishes investment of power, and invention of the individual (along with other technologies)?
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    Hi would you kindly inform me about any relevant literature you have found in relation to such topic, or perhaps your work if it has been pubished.

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