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'A' Frame crane design help

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    I am needing help choosing the correct materials to construct a stationary 'A' frame crane with a fixed radius of 15ft, back stayed with 2-1" cables approx. 70ft behind main non-rotational boom legs attached to embedded concrete weights, height of boom is 60 ft with pendants connected at the tip, supporting a 4-15" head sheave arrangement,a 'K' brace would be used approx. 15 ft down from tip, head width pendant to pendant of 34" and boom feet spread 10 ft on center. Approx. lifting capacity of at least 50 Kips or more.

    Thanks for any input
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    tradewind: For each of the two boom poles in your A-frame, it currently appears an imperial W12 x 45 steel I-beam would work, and would give a lifting capacity of 27 220 kg. But you must use four K braces, evenly spaced, not just one.

    I did not check your support cable diameter. Maybe some other time.
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