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A free reader for Powerpoint ?

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    DOES ANYONE know of where to download something that will read powerpoint files?

    the Mac I am using does fine. but someone else who I think uses a PC is having trouble

    some physicists are putting their lecture slides out in PPT form
    everybody should be able to read these files who wants

    what should the generic PC user do, to read PPT?
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    A further question on PPT.....how do I go about uploading a PPT file onto my website? I've been self-learning PPT and would like to get some of the animations and such up on the net. Any ideas or pointers welcome,


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    A PowerPoint file is just like any other file, as far as the web is concerned. Upload the file via (e.g.) ftp to the server, putting it in the appropriate directory. Then, either give people the entire path to the file, or put a link to it in an html file.

    - Warren
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    You could use the Save As Web Page function in Powerpoint 2003 (maybe in 2000 as well?). I'm not sure if you get animations, but its worth a try. All else fails you could always screen-capture a video of your presentation playing and upload that instead :)
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