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B A function in an ode.

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    This is equation I need to find solutions for
    d2u/d2x + 1/2Lu = 0 where L(x)

    I understand we can remove fraction from second term.
    2 [d2 u/d2x ] + Lu = 0

    now how do I find solution of this equation ?

    How do we deal with L ? because usually we have Y'(dy/dx or in this case du/dx ) or Y (in this case u) in second term in an ode.

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    jim mcnamara

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    something seems missing here?
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    ok we have to make characteristic equation out of it so I think

    from this
    2d2u/d2x + 1/2Lu = 0

    following equation comes
    2 + Lλ = 0
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