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A game with no winners

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    A game with no winners....

    let,s use some of game theory...let,s suppose we have a game played by n players with k parameters given by the function U(p1,p2,....pk) so we get that there exist a point of equilibrium dU(p1,......pk)=0 so nobody wins could exist that equilibrium...(my question is if there is an state of equilibrium in a game in wich nobody wins)...
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    matt grime

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    Well, it's hard to understand you but the answer appears to be

    1. of course there are (eg agame that costs 1 dollar to play on the first turn and is free afterwards and where all players obtain 0 dollars with probability 1 on every turn for one of an infinite number of examples).

    2. what has this got to do with calculus and analysis?
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    When I read this I immediately had to think of Nash's contribution to the Game Theory, with his Nash Equilibrium. Perhaps this or this helps...
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