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A general question for the community

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    If a person wanted to buy a book on the social conflicts of religious dogma (not faith) and science, what would the average person hope to find covered in that book?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Another God

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    Obviously the first thing would be the creation dogma vs Evolution.
    Aside from that, I can only recomend personal points of interest:
    No sex before marriage vs Biologica desires/Social Restrictions
    Seperation of the Living from the dead vs Sciences implication that everything is all made up from the same collection of chemicals.

    Is this the sort of stuff u want to know????
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    Thanks. I have pretty much done that in my last few books. I was looking for some ideas that might appeal to a more general audience of seekers.
    For example, questions like "If Moses really was so special, why did God try tyo kill him so often." or "If Jesus message was so good, why did everyone change it imediately after his death?" Stuff like that.

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    Another God

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    That sounds more like a book on problems people have with the bible. Not a book about religious dogma vs science.

    If you wanted a more bible vs science version, then I know there are studies which are being/have been done on the 10 plagues, the great flood and the parting of the red sea. If you search around on those topics u might find something interesting.
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    The big thing right now is probably the Catholic church's claim that condoms do not block HIV, against all scientific evidence to the contrary.
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    Another God

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    they claim that?


    And where did they get this insight from? God told them? Hahaha.

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    If you've been depending on condoms as 100% effective, I have news for you. They are better than the vatican says, but perfect they ain't.
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    I hesitate to say this (it's such an inciteful topic sometimes), but would not abortion somehow fit into that category?

    with a likewise hesitation, I would also mention homosexuality. both of these subjects have social conflicts concerning religious dogma and science, do they not?

    man's control over his own destiny I would also tenatively suggest. issues of the flesh/emotions is also something that has at times interested me. for instance, porn or other sexual examples - some science minded people say it's a natural desire, while religious minded say it's sin. or emotions, in general. depression is considered a disease by scientists, but by some religious minded, is considered to have spiritual reasons behind it.

    just some ideas... I'm not really sure myself if they fit.
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    Error was made, sorry.
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    Well I will not hesitate to introduce homosexuality as a possible point of interest. Dogmatic Christians as well as those of many other faiths disqualify homosexual, calling it unGodly or "unnatural" behavior.

    And yet human --as well as animal-- behavior across most of the animal kingdom seems to indicate otherwise. In most populations, there are a noteworthy percentage of individuals who practice homosexual behavior. Homosexuality as a ubiquitous phenomenon validates the activity itself as part of the "norm" in the behavioral spectrum. Not only does homosexual behavior appear to be innocuous to the immediate environment, but some might argue that it is a form of population control.
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