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A giant robot comes to the rescue

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Just wait until they modify this monster for law enforcement!

    How would you like to see this thing coming at you while you are still trapped in the rubble?

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/040325/photos_tc_afp/040325143741_mb8v4lga_photo0 [Broken]
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    Is this robot controlled by a human?
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    According to movies on this website, it's teleoperated.

    The link has got a few clips of the thing being big and menacing...

    Cool stuff.
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    w00t I want one of those. On second thought I want two. So a friend and I could drive them down to a big parking lot and throw cars at each other.

    In all seriousness this could be very useful. Not only could you use this for rescuing people, but you could use it for construction as well.
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