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A good bachelor project problem in classical field theory

  1. Sep 11, 2016 #1

    I am about to do my bachelor project in physics and I really want to dive into the classical theory of fields, this could be General Relativity (GR) and/or Electrodynamics (ED). I have some books on the subject: Barut, ED and classical theory of fields and particles, and Landau&Lifshitz, The classical theory of fields.

    I am seeking some problem/subject that my project can revolve around. Any suggestions?

    I am a physicist with all my optional courses in mathematics. I have had 2 courses on E&M/ED, one course on Special Relativity and no exposure of GR. This summer I did a good amount of research on the variational principle approach to electrodynamics by following L.Susskinds lectures on SR and read the basics of Goldstein Classical Mechanics.

    Vh. Frederik.
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