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A good begginner text

  1. Mar 21, 2013 #1
    What is a good text for someone starting off in physics. preferably available for free or low cost
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    Physics has so many subcategories and disciplines under the name that it would be great for you to specify which ones exactly you prefer?For example, High energy particle physics, classical mechanics, quantum physics? They all are physics but their level of depth and knowledge required to understand them is very different.
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    Ahh well I have a personal tedency toward relativity
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    Without knowing what level you are at, Young and Freedman.
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    If you have no mathematical background (a.k.a no fundamentals of calculus) I would suggest P.Hewitt's conceptual physics as a starter. He also has some online lectures on youtube.
    The next step is some good textbook on general physics (e.g Serway, Young, Ford)
    If you are advanced you can check Feynmann's lectures on physics
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    Firstly Learn Basic Physics before starting Relativity, you have said you are starting Physics. And if you want almost free then go to LightandMatter.com (for the book) and Khan Academy (for the videos). After that buy Freedman's University Physics or Fundamentals of Physics (Resnick) and watch MIT OCW course-8 Lectures.
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