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A good book on vectors?

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    I want to learn about vectors and their interactions from a more rigorous viewpoint. Things like the cross product for example are covered very superficially in the textbooks I've looked at.
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    What do you mean? I learned about dot products and cross products in linear algebra. A textbook on that maybe? Or perhaps a book on vector calculus.
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    I just mean that I want to study things like the vector product in more detail.

    Okay, I'll take a look into some linear algebra books and a couple vector calculus books here and there.
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    The notion of "product" and of "vector" can appear in many contexts. In your journey of learning you will find out which contexts are more appealing to you.

    As suggested above, two elementary contexts in which these two notions appear are Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus. Any textbook treats these subjects will be a good resource for you. Which textbook to choose is a matter of taste and also the level of knowledge you already have.

    My personal preference for linear algebra is Kunze and Hoffman text titled "Linear Algebra". Inner products (The generalization of dot product) are treated in chapter 8. The text is a bit abstract but clear and accessible to undergraduates.
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